At ICSS, we are pleased to announce that our client, the Cell Surgical Network, will be publishing its first safety paper using adipose derived stem cells in Spring 2017. Please check back soon, the link will be available on this page upon publication.

ICSS Proud to Announce Publication of CSN Safety Data

The Cell Surgical Network is proud to have published one of the largest peer reviewed safety data papers on the use of autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF) to date.

SVF contains adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells that many scientific publications have long suggested could be used for regenerative medical purposes.

The Cell Surgical Network set out to investigate the use of SVF for regenerative purposes, with an initial primary objective of evaluating safety (adverse events) in 1524 patients. Secondarily, this paper reports on efficacy. This study population accounts for 1698 overall SVF deployments, 1477 of which were intravenous.

The paper results from the work of the Cell Surgical Network’s founders, its earliest members, their dedication to CSN’s institutional review board approved processes, and their commitment to tracking patient outcomes through a network wide database.

While the Cell Surgical Network aims to provide its patients the most personalized cellular medical care available, it needed to demonstrate that the surgery it practices is first and foremost safe. The Cell Surgical Network continues to make many advances in its investigational work, aggregating patient data and outcomes network-wide, consistently advancing cellular medicine along the way.

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